What is LVP sangria?

LVP sangria is a light, refreshing sangria made from Lisa Vanderpump’s signature recipe that has been tested time and again at her fabulous restaurants and parties, pleasing friends, family, and customers every time it’s poured. LVP sangria is ready to be served straight from the bottle, and when coupled with fresh fruit it’s an instant crowd-pleaser.

How was the idea of LVP sangria conceived?

Pandora Vanderpump, who recognized that her fabulous mother’s highly sought-after sangria recipe should be bottled and shared with the world, brought LVP sangria to life. Pandora shares her mother’s love for entertaining, so it was only natural that she launched a brand that honors Lisa’s coveted recipes. LVP sangria is a drink that both Lisa and Pandora are proud to serve their guests.

What does LVP stand for?

LVP is a monogram derived from Lisa & Pandora’s initials. It is Pandora’s way of paying homage to her mother for allowing her to share her fabulous sangria recipes with the world.

Where can I buy LVP sangria?

LVP sangria is available in retail outlets and supermarkets throughout the USA. Internationally, LVP can be found in over 8 different countries. Visit our BUY LVP section to locate a retailer near you.

Where is the wine crafted?

Spanish and French master winemakers helped craft LVP sangria using wine from Spanish vineyards, reflecting the sangria’s European roots and culture.

What flavors are available? Are there any plans of expansion?

LVP sangria is available in red and the first super premium Pink Sangria, a unique offering in the market. There are future plans for expansion of the brand, including a white sangria slated to launch in the spring of 2016.

What is the alcohol content?

Characterized by its light body and clean finish, LVP sangria is only 10.5% ABV – making it the perfect option for the discerning woman and the modern, health-conscious crowd.

How much does the product cost?

LVP sangria’s suggested retail price ranges from $10.99 to $12.99 per 750ml bottle.